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Delphi Technology Solutions is a Women-Owned Small Business (WSOB) providing full-service strategy and advisory consulting solutions for critical, sensitive, and complex challenges. Our services include advisory and consulting, investigations and support, specialized training, and applied data analytics.

Delphi Technology Solutions

SOCOM Review

“The Threat Financing course was highly applicable and added key elements to the investigations for the OSINT Cell connected to the AFRICOM problem set. It provided an alternate approach previously not thoroughly utilized during research and collection. The methods taught leverage financial databases and other tools that assist in the operations on continent for ODA teams and internal collaborative projects. This course offered a new perspective in identifying key individuals, connections, and validity of services to ensure the safety of SOCOM personnel. Overall, the inclusion and application of the fundamentals taught in the Threat Financing curriculum can be wagered in practical and easily applicable ways, expanding the toolset of DoD and other personnel.”

- Former OSINT NCOIC & Analyst Team Lead, 3SFG(A) HHC

Company Data

DUNS: 118711925
NAICS CODES: 541611, 518210, 541513, 541618,

541692, 541720, 541820, 541990, 561499, 611420,

611430, 541690, 611710

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